Three Reasons To Consider Waterproofing Your Basement

23 April 2019
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When thinking about protecting your home from the elements, you tend to think about your exterior building materials first. However, your basement is one of the areas of your house that is the highest at risk of damage due to outside weather, as heavy rains can lead to leaks and flooding in your basement. Water damage in your basement can cause a number of different problems for your property. Knowing some of the tangible benefits that come with having waterproofing methods installed in or around your basement can help you understand why you should make basement waterproofing a priority for your home.

Foundation Protection

The most important reason to have waterproofing methods installed in your basement or around the edges of your property is to protect the foundation of your home from damage and wear. Water that manages to enter the concrete of your foundation can lead to cracking and splitting over time, causing your foundation to shift and experience other structural issues throughout your home. Keep in mind that different basement waterproofing methods will have different levels of efficacy in protecting your foundation. Sump pumps and interior sealants will only be able to prevent a minor amount of water damage to your foundation, while actual plastic barriers around your foundation can help prevent serious damage.

Mold Prevention

Another important and often overlooked benefit of having basement waterproofing methods installed is that doing so can substantially decrease the chances of mold and mildew growing in your basement. Your basement is a prime spot for mold to take hold since it tends to be relatively cool and shaded. Even a small amount of ambient moisture or a small and slow leak over time can lead to a significant amount of mold in your home, which can represent a serious health hazard that can aggravate or cause breathing conditions.

Protect Items in Storage

Finally, the last thing to think about when considering potentially adding a basement waterproofing system to your property is that not having one in place can lead to damage to items that are in storage in your basement. While flooding will cause the most amount of damage, high levels of humidity can lead to the damage of sensitive or fragile items like electronics and documents in your basement. Waterproofing damage can help reduce the risk of both types of damage and ensure that you are able to safely store items in your basement as needed.