Important Information To Know About Polished Concete Floors

12 September 2017
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Concrete is a common type of flooring for both residential properties and commercial buildings. However, individuals with this type of flooring will often underappreciate the value that can come from having concrete floors polished.

Why Would You Want A Concrete Floor Polished?

One of the key benefits of polishing a concrete floor is that you can dramatically improve its appearance. While concrete is one of the more affordable and durable flooring options, it can appear rather plain and industrial. For those that are wanting a more refined look, polishing the concrete can be an excellent alternative. In addition to giving the concrete a sleek appearance, it is also possible to apply a color during the polishing process to further enhance the appearance of the floor.

Are Polished Concrete Floors Vulnerable To Scratching?

It is commonly assumed that polished concrete will be far more vulnerable to suffering scratches and other types of damage. However, it is important to understand that the polishing process will not weaken the concrete floor in any way. As a result, it will remain strong and durable. To protect the polished layer of the concrete from being scratched, a protective finish will be applied. This finish is fairly thick so that it will absorb minor scuffs and scratches. However, you will want to apply this finish every few years if your floors experience significant traffic as this can wear down the protective finish.

Will A Polished Concrete Floor Be Slick Enough To Pose A Safety Risk?

Polish concrete will often have a shine to it that can give it the appearance of being a slick surface. However, polished concrete will have similar traction characteristics as standard concrete, and they may provide better traction than other types of flooring, such as linoleum. If you still have concerns about this issue, it is possible to opt for a finish that is designed to enhance traction.

Is Polished Concrete Difficult To Repair?

Eventually, your floor will suffer some type of damage. Whether it is due to items falling on it, flooding, or routine wear, repairs are an inevitable part of owning a building. While polished concrete might seem like it would be more difficult to repair than other types of flooring, it can actually be easier. If the damage is limited to the surface, it may be possible to simply re-polish the compromised area to restore its appearance. This can allow for repairs to be cost effective and completed fairly quickly, which are important attributes for any type of flooring.

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