3 Residential Projects That May Require A Visit From A Concrete Pumping Truck

15 March 2017
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Even though concrete was initially designed as an industrial material, this stuff has seamlessly integrated into the residential property just the same. Through the years, the average use for concrete has evolved and grown dramatically. This is partially due to the fact that concrete is now more portable than ever thanks to concrete pumping trucks. These massive tanker trucks have a rotating drum on the back that keeps mixed concrete in a fluid state until it is delivered and pumped to its final resting spot. As a homeowner, there are a handful of times when you may need a visit by a concrete pumping truck to your residential property. 

You are having a new porch or patio installed. 

This is perhaps the most common reason you will get a visit from a concrete contractor who brings the material in via a concrete pumping truck. Porches and patios of a small stature can usually be installed by hand with batches of concrete mixed on the spot and poured in place with a wheelbarrow. However, if you have a larger project or even if you work with a prolific concrete contractor, it is more likely that the material will be delivered by a pumping truck, which will also mean a quicker installation process.

You are having a garage or building built on your property. 

If you are having a structure erected on your property like a garage or outside building, having a concrete floor in that building is a logical construction solution. Most of the time, the concrete pumping truck will deliver the material to install the concrete floor as one of the first steps in the process, as the walls can be installed around the concrete base or foundation. However, it is also not uncommon to have a concrete floor installed in an already built building or garage as well. 

You are having an inground pool installed. 

Once the space has been dug out for your inground pool, you definitely should not be surprised to see a concrete pumping truck arrive on your property. Most inground pools have layers of concrete beneath them and even surrounding their walls to give them their final, stable structure before the pool liner is installed. Likewise, once the pool has been placed in the ground, a concrete pumping truck from a company like Masterlink Concrete Pumping may also be used to deliver concrete to create the surrounding walkway around the pool as well.