3 Things To Think About When Remodeling Your Basement

13 February 2017
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The basement is often the most neglected room in the house. It usually serves as a kind of storage space where boxes of old heirlooms and photographs go when there simply isn't anywhere else to put them. But ignoring your basement can mean losing out on a great, one-of-a-kind space where your family and friends can gather at any time of the year. So if you're thinking of remodeling your basement, take a look below at a handful of great tips to keep in mind during the process.


Many basements have heating systems built in to the floor. This is a great, energy efficient way of heating the room, so don't do anything that will keep the room from being heated in this way. Quite a few people -- in the interest of creating a cozy space -- will want to buy thick carpet to lay down on their basement floor. While this might seem like a natural choice, it's self-defeating if you have floor heating, as it prevents the heat from warming the room. Opt for a thin rubber padding instead, and your basement will be much warmer.


Another big advantage of having a basement is the storage opportunities it offers. But you can only make the most of this space if you opt for built-in storage. Not planning ahead and then having to sacrifice space for the sake of stuff will only make the basement look smaller than it really is. A couple of built-in bookcases and other clever storage solutions should do the trick; anything more and you're likely to have a design that's not only difficult to pull off, but also far beyond your budget.

Windows and Doors

Something many people forget about when remodeling their basement is natural light. Light is just one way you can make a smaller space feel larger and more inviting, and windows and doors are both aesthetically pleasing, economical ways of achieving this. Incorporating windows and doors into your basement remodeling plan isn't always easy (or even possible), but there's no harm in consulting with an expert who can advise you on your specific situation. Another big benefit of having windows or doors is that they can serve as an emergency exit in a pinch, assuming they lead to an outdoor space. For all these reasons, windows and doors can be considered essential to nearly any basement remodel. Contact a company like Hanover Concrete Company to get started.