What Should You Fill Your Driveway With? 4 Questions to Narrow Down Your Options

7 February 2017
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Perhaps the biggest decision you will make when installing a new driveway is what material to fill it with. There are plenty of options for all budgets. Here are some questions to help you decide what the best type of driveway filling will work for you.

Do You Want a Contractor?

Most people hire a cement contractors or similar to do their driveway for them. This certainly opens a lot of doors, since most materials need to be installed by a professional. But if your budget requires you to do the job yourself, the easiest route with be to have a gravel driveway. You can prep the driveway area yourself and have the gravel poured into the space after you've set up guide posts. Still, you would probably need to rent equipment to have the driveway tamped, which helps every layer of gravel rocks settle in place.

Are You Looking for Something Low Maintenance?

Another big concern that people have is how to choose a driveway material that will be low maintenance. This is a big reason that many people choose concrete. Once your concrete driveway is in place, it will require minimal maintenance from you. Over the years, you might need to occasionally patch cracks in the driveway. But as far as weatherization and other activities, you won't have much on your plate.

Do You Live in a Difficult Climate?

Speaking of weather, your geographic area can come into play when you're choosing a driveway material. Many people that live in cold climates prefer asphalt as their top driveway material choice. Asphalt is very resistant to temperature changes. Its structure allows it to bounce back quickly from being frozen. And it's also very durable and low maintenance. Its black surface sure helps to hide a lot of imperfections such as oil spills and other color changes.

Is Aesthetics a Main Concern?

The options that have been covered so far are fairly standard, but they may not be what you're looking for if the beauty of your home is a main concern. There are also options that would add to your home visually. Pavers are a common choice on the higher end of driveway materials. Pavers can be made out of a wide range of building materials and put into custom molds so that they are the size and shape that you prefer. The different building materials include cobblestone, basalt and brick, which can add a splash of color to the driveway.

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