3 Simple Rules To Keeping Your New Polished Concrete Floor Looking Its Best For The Long Term

29 August 2016
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Boasting features like supreme insulation, longevity, and an impressive array of designs, it is no wonder that polished concrete flooring has recently become one of the most highly sought after flooring types for the modern homeowner. If you have just had a polished concrete floor installed at your home, there is no doubt you are enjoying every level of beauty and durability this flooring provides. However, make sure you get really familiar with the appropriate maintenance techniques to ensure you get as many years of beauty from your polished concrete floor as possible.

Sweep your new concrete floor daily.

Concrete flooring is desirable partially because it does not show dust, dirt, and debris like linoleum and tile. Even still, sweeping your floor on a daily basis is incredibly important. Tiny particles, especially things like sand or food, can create tiny scratches on the polished surface as you walk. While these miniscule damages will not be apparent immediately, over time they will make your concrete floor look dull, and the tiny scrapes and scratches can lead to underlying damage when you mop. Likewise, it is important to use only a soft-bristled broom when you do sweep and stay away from abrasive scrub brushes when mopping.

Avoid abrasive cleaning chemicals.

Concrete is definitely a durable flooring type, but it is also porous beneath the sealed surface, which means once that surface is disturbed, chemical cleansers can seep in. Therefore, if a harsh chemical manages to break down the sealed layer and seep into the concrete, you could quickly see a change in the coloration of your flooring. Stay away from acidic cleaning solutions and go with mild detergents that are gentle. For example, liquid bleach is a product you should never use on your concrete flooring as it will deteriorate the polished surface and bleed into the concrete itself, causing spots and irregular colors.

Be careful with waxes and polishes for your concrete floor.

That lovely sheen provided by your new polished concrete floor is designed to last a long time, but eventually, the new sheen can start to wear off and you will want to polish the surface to bring back the shine. Make sure you are not using anything other than what the installer recommends for waxing or polishing your concrete floor. The wrong products will just leave a sticky residue on the floor which is almost impossible to clean off.