3 Ways That A Concrete Retaining Wall Can Benefit Your Landscaping

22 August 2016
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Many people never think about building retaining walls on their properties, but doing so can be a great way to improve your landscaping. A good concrete contractor can assist you with building a nice retaining wall, so consider these reasons to contact one of these contractors to help you. Once you do, you are sure to find that a concrete retaining wall is a wonderful addition to your property.

1. Protect Your Property from the Elements

First of all, one of the primary benefits of adding a retaining wall to your property is the fact that it can help protect your landscaping. If you live in an area where you have to worry about erosion, a retaining wall can help keep your soil in your garden. It's also great for providing a barrier of protection against a body of water, such as a lake or a pond, that might be on your property. It can also serve well at preventing wildlife and stray pets from finding their way into your garden.

2. Give Climbing Plants a Place to Climb

Another great thing about a concrete retaining wall is that it can give climbing plants a place to climb. Many types of vines will grow up concrete walls, such as English ivy, Boston ivy, Virginia creeper, five leaf akebia and more. Adding a retaining wall can be a great way to enjoy climbing plants that you might not have been able to enjoy otherwise, and allowing ivy to grow up your retaining wall can be a great way to make it look its best.

3. Add a Decorative Look

When done properly, a retaining wall can be a beautiful, decorative addition to just about any property. It can be more stable than a fence, can help block out any eyesores that you might otherwise be able to view from your property, and it can help add different dimensions to flat landscaping. You can choose from various decorative designs if you want your retaining wall to be as attractive as possible.

As you can see, there are a few ways that a concrete retaining wall can benefit your landscaping. If you would like to enjoy these three benefits and more, consider contacting a concrete contractor like Hofmann Concrete Construction LLC in your area who can tell you more about the various types of retaining walls that are out there. Then, you can improve the look of your property substantially.